Sunday, November 28, 2010

...This Year...

I have been so very lax in updating, however! I've compiled some things that I've loved this year for the holiday gift giving season. Only part understand.

1. Elk Ceramic Baloon Brooch (also available in a necklace) $55
2. Have You Mean Miss Jones mini owl in Bone China $12
3. Meadowlark Belt Bracelet in Silver $460NZD
4. Robert Gorden Australia Ceramic Gift Tags $9.95 assorted
5. The Small Stakes Exhibition Poster $30USD
6. Meadowlark Apple Charm (I'm not looking up the price for this as I was given this as a gift from the boy xo)
7. Ego Cognac Glasses from Top 3 by Design $79.95 a pair
8. Anthropologie Enchanted Woods Ipod Dock $99USD
9. Anthropologie Tivoli Audio Model One AM/FM Radio $178USD
10. Tivi SS Ring with Small TigerWood Inlay $54.95

~Images via the linked websites