Tuesday, June 7, 2011

...Shanghai Museum of Glass...

Shanghai has a campaign - become a globally important creative and cultural centre by opening 100 museums in a decade. So in pursuit of this campaign, last week saw the launch of the shiny new Museum of Glass.

German architectural firm, Logan, handled the architecture and exterior of the museum. Germany’s Glashütte Lambets supplied the enameled glass used for the museum’s façade inscribed with glass-industry terms in ten languages.

Coordination Asia was in charge of overall museum concept, art direction, design and supervision of the museum interior.

Coordination’s Tilman Thürmer tells TCH that they used black lacquered glass for the interior (cases, floor, furniture, walls), but left the existing structure untouched. The museum building is a former glassmaking workshop.

The black, sleek glass of the interior reflects the LED lights and screens positioned throughout the space, creating a shiny and glittering multi-dimensional feel. This emphasizes the interaction, interdependence and influences of periods, continents, materials and peoples involved in the art, craft and industry of glass.

The design of the space and exhibits and the use of various media help create an interactive and participatory museum experience where the visitor is directed through the story of glass.

~Images via TheCoolHunter