Tuesday, January 3, 2012

...Taste the Font...

Found this amazeballs project by a visual communication company based out of Lithuania called Prim Prim. Their stuff is beautiful, but this offshoot project is so fun!

One day in the air of the Prim Prim studio appeared a question – is it possible to describe the taste of the font?
That is how the "special dinner project" has begun and keeps on going at least once a week.
Everything is really simple. We aren't big cooks, nor the food photographers – just a couple of crazy graphic designers. All fun is to describe the feeling of the font by making a dish, having "it's taste". And to write down the process here.
Moreover, on each post we also present some true history of the font – and that information is not only delicious but also healthy for your brain!

So ... let's taste the font!

Like I said, so much fun!

~All Images via Taste the Font