Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The Rainbow House. Oh my.
Imagine if you let your inner child design your house. Go on. Close your eyes and have a think about it.
This place comes pretty darn close, right? Amazing!

Situated in London, this beautiful Ab Rogers Design house is a fun, colourful, living artwork.
The master bedroom boasts a circular bed that rotates so you can enjoy views from every window, and a trap door that pops open to reveal a shiny silver slide to escort you to the living room below, where a 12x8 metre space of yellow plushness just begs you to sleep, play, live.
The entire house is built around a beautiful bespoke spiral staircase boasting steps in every colour of the Rainbow. Every floor is influenced by the hue of the steps leading onto it, and skylights in the roof drench the whole house in warth and light.

This house makes me want to smile. I want to laugh. And skip. And run. Does it tickle you too?

~Images via Ab Rogers Design

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