Tuesday, January 4, 2011

...The Start...

So. I'm crap at updating. I warned you!
But, it's going to be better. Because this is a resolutions post. And blogging makes the list!

1. Project fat-girls-don't-go-to-Paris.
Or rather, girls with faces like mine are not fat in Paris.
That's right ladies and gents, the boy and I are headed to Paris in October! So exciting! But it also means my soft volumptuousness needs to become...hmmm...less soft volumptuousness?

2. More blogging, more design.
I need more design in my life this year. As much inspiration as I can stand. MORE than I can stand. I'm in my final year this year, and even though I'm still debating whether I'll be going ahead with study this year (for certain reasons, another post if it happens) I do love being so ensconsed in the talet and creativity of my fellow designers and design bloggers.

3. Photography and french lessons.
Not that I have the time. But I'm going to try and teach myself as much as possible.

4. Register my business and have stationary done.
I have my ABN. Just need to register my business name.

And if I get around to it:

5. Come up with a plan for my business.

6. Be more organised (in my room, the spare room, the shed, and with my tafe work)

7. Get a kitten. Or a goat. I haven't decided yet.


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