Monday, January 24, 2011


Shanghai. Ah, what a marvelou place. No, I've never been, but in my imagination, it is marvelous. Plus there is an awesome place in Parnell, Auckland called Shanghai Lils, so Shanghai itself must be fabulous if that is anything to judge by.

Yucca is a new restaurant and lounge concept by David Laris, a Greek Australian chef and founder of DavidLarisCreates living in Shanghai. He has a few award winning establishments to his name, and believe me, the awards are well deserved.

Yucca draws inspiration from Lucha Libre Wrestling, 1960's Mexican Cinema, and the voodoo and religious superstition interwoven in the Mexican psyche.

The lounge is located on the third floor of Mansion 26F at Sinan Mansions, and serves an amazing array of alternatve cocktails and Yucca-twist mexican food.

The design itself is done by Shanghai based interiors firm Lime 388. By the way, if you ever want me to come work for you, I am so there.

All images via Yucca

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