Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Holy Smokes! Ever stumbled accross something and literally felt your breath leave your body? Ever scrolled through a website and only realised you were holding your breath when your body started screaming at you?

This is one of those moments.

About WillowLamp:

The willowlamp ™ is the brainchild of the design duo ‘TeamTwo’ Adam Hoets and Sian Eliot.
Sian Eliot studied Industrial Design at the Cape Technikon and is also a jeweller.

She has established herself as a distinctive voice in the field of jewellery design through her innovative meshing of traditional skills with technology. She has a natural instinct and understanding for the materials she works with.

Adam Hoets is a registered Architect who has specialised in Eco Architecture since graduating from the University of Cape Town in 2000. His architectural projects have shown a flair for progressive and environmentally sensitive design – a focus that is continued in his collaborative work under the umbrella of Willowlamp.

Adam has an obsessive awareness of the intricacies of the willowlamp’s construction. This manifests in a tightly conceptualised and resolved final product that couples aesthetics and sensitivity with technical design.

The WillowLamp Ethos:

Our design ethos fuses organic forms with high tech elements without compromising on the highly personalised level of craftsmanship. We industrially manufacture the elements but each lamp is painstakingly hand-assembled. Each of the hundreds of chain strands are cut and attached by hand. Both artistry and technical development are evident in the pieces.

Willowlamps are dynamic – every movement of air can be seen on their surface, suggesting something quite ‘impressionable’ and delicate.

Faraway Tree

Flower of Life



Absolutely Stunning!

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